Pinnacle Peak Prep Art Masterpiece Program

The Art Masterpiece program is designed to introduce significant works of art to children and build an appreciation for fine art while enhancing their lessons in Social Studies, Science, Geography and other subjects.

This program is administered and presented by parent volunteers, in cooperation with teachers. As with the rest of the school’s curriculum, we follow the Core Knowledge program. 

Link to Core Knowledge:

The Art Masterpiece program complements and enhances what the students are learning in class. Lessons plans are provided and are coordinated with the
Core Knowledge curriculum. Lessons typically last 45-60 minutes and include an art activity. The program helps increase the students' awareness and understanding of art and introduces principles of art and various techniques in an engaging format.

Helpful Links:

How the Program Works

Getting Started

Grade-Specific Lessons 


     * 1st Grade 

     * 2nd Grade 

     * 3rd Grade 

     * 4th Grade

     * 5th Grade 

     * 6th Grade 

Inventory of Art Supplies 
Art Inventory   

Core Knowledge Topics by Grade Level

Lesson Questions
Calendar for using prints and supplies  
Template and Sample for Creating Your Own Art Masterpiece Lesson
On-Line Art Masterpiece Resources
More Project Ideas for Time Periods in History
Phoenix Art Museum AM Training Manual
     (pages 26-36 are particularly helpful to the AM teaching volunteer)
Chandler Unified School District AM Manual

Questions? Contact:  Liza Richards at

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