Box Tops

Box Tops / Labels for Education / Project A+

Clip labels from products you use every day and help us earn money for our school!  Send them in with your child in a zip-loc bag with your child's name and teacher's name so the class gets credit!  Our goal for the 2019-2020 school year is 25,000 Box Tops, which would earn $2,500 for our school.  

Please send in your Box Tops in baggies, labelled with your student's name and your teacher's name! Attaching them to sheets is not necessary. However if your student likes preparing the sheets, we'd love that too!

There will be "Box Tops Thursday" on the first Thursday of each month. We announce the monthly winners of our random prize drawing. Any student who submitted Box Tops during the preceding month is entered in a drawing for 1 Harkins Classic movie pass - one winner from grade PK-3, and another one from 4th-6th. ALSO, if your class sent in the most Box Tops in the preceding month, the WHOLE class gets a prize AND you get to hang on to the Box Tops trophy the entire month! So start clipping those Box Tops today & please check those expiration dates! Send them in baggies, labelled with your student's name & teacher's name please!!



General Mills' Box Tops program: 
Complete list of Eligible Products

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