Playground Volunteers

Pinnacle Peak Prep has in place an organized
Playground Volunteer Program which is designed to get as many parents as possible involved in supervising our children at Lunch Recess on the big playground. In order to ensure a well supervised playground our goal is to secure 2 volunteers per day. 

In order to easily accomplish this goal, each month is designated to an entire grade level where parents are asked to sign up for as many dates as they'd like/can.  However, parents from any grade level can volunteer at any time, in any month.  Even last minute volunteers can simply show up to help out.  You may also sign up in advance for any month during the school year by emailing me your dates. All volunteers should arrive at school by at least 10:50am and stay for the duration of recess which is from 10:55am to 12:10pm. Babies and children not enrolled at PPP are not allowed on the playground during recess.

One to 2 weeks before the start of each new month, a SignUp Genius email is sent out to all families in the designated grade level asking for volunteers for the month. You are free to sign up on any available dates listed. You also have the convenient option to swap dates with someone else or delete and/or reschedule your Sign Up. Last minute cancellations - the day before or day of - should also be emailed directly to me. SignUp Genius will send a reminder email 2-3 days before your scheduled dates. In addition, a Playground Volunteer Info/Procedure document will be sent to each scheduled volunteer for each month.

Volunteers are needed whether Recess is outdoors or indoors (due to rain or heat advisory days). When indoors, volunteers are asked to man the hallways and a few classrooms at a time, as teachers are usually not in their classrooms during that time.

If anyone is interested in volunteering strictly on the Kindergarten playground, no sign up is needed. Help is always needed there, so we encourage volunteers to come in on any day. Simply grab a red apron in the copy machine work room, head to the Kindergarten playground and stay to help for the duration of their recess - from 11:55AM to 12:15PM.

The Playground Volunteer Program is a great and fun way for parents to become involved with their child/children during Recess. Even more importantly, it greatly contributes to the safety of our children!

Playground Volunteer Schedule
August - 6th grade
September - 1rst grade
October - 2nd grade
November -  Kindergarten
December - 5th grade
January - 4th grade
February - 3rd grade
March - 1st grade
April - 2nd grade
May - Kindergarten