Many of the SOAR program fundamentals can be adapted by families for use at home.

Summer vacation, with its more relaxed schedule, fewer deadlines, and less pressure is a great time for families to incorporate positive SOAR expectations into home routines, and for kids to show how they can be as good at home as they are at school!

Remember that every child is different, even children in the same family living in the same home.  What works for some children will not work for all

Every parent and every family has different expectations for their child(ren)’s behavior.  Whatever you as a parent decide is right and okay for your home, it is important that you set the expectations and follow through!

To truly change behavior, appropriate behavior must be …..

1)       Taught
2)       Modeled
3)       Practices
4)       Acknowledged

Positive recognition is very effective changing behavior.  Once children have been taught positive behaviors, they need to be rewarded when those behaviors occur.
By “catching” your child doing a preferred behavior, you can reinforce what it is you are looking for by acknowledging those behaviors and building upon the positive recognition that kids receive.  

4-Step Plan to Implement SOAR Positive Behaviors at Home
STEP 1: DEVELOP EXPECTATIONS - Define what your family’s values and specific behavior expectations
STEP 2: FAMILY MEETING - Have a Family Meeting to discuss
STEP 3: POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT - Use positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors
STEP 4: CONSEQUENCES - Use consequences for inappropriate behaviors