SOAR is an research-based instructional approach based on a set of values and behavior expectations for all PPPS students, at every grade level.

The program harnesses the power of consistent expectations for all students — recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors across all environments in the school community throughout their elementary school years.

The intent of the SOAR program is to teach the Pinnacle Peak values of being  

Safe - Organized - Accountable - Respectful

in a way that proactively cultivates and acknowledges positive behaviors in and out of the classroom.

On the whole, the benefits of the SOAR program can be seen in a more cohesive and accepting school culture (less drama, less bullying); fewer distractions in the classroom; fewer office referrals for problem behavior, and more time for teachers to spend teaching kids, guiding their development, and having fun.

SOAR is based on the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) framework and has been uniquely tailored for Pinnacle Peak, allowing us to build upon and enrich the strong and favorable culture we have today.

SOAR aims to strengthen and strongly root the Pinnacle Peak culture in an engaging and reinforcing school environment where every student feels a sense of belonging, inclusion, and participation.